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DPSM - Waterfall Screensaver 1.5

DPSM - Waterfall Screensaver 1.5: Waterfall Slideshow Screensaver is one of nature`s most captivating sights! Waterfalls are one of nature`s most captivating sights. Cascading down from their heights, they always create a sense of wonder that nature could form such a beautiful piece of artwork from mere rocks and water.Water is a good power! Life doesn`t exist without water. There`s nothing in the world it can`t break or goes though. Water symbolizes strength and internal movement. So waterfalls are a glorious view.

Water Mill - Screen Saver 5.07: 'Water Mill' - Animated Screen Saver by EleFun Multimedia.
Water Mill - Screen Saver 5.07

"Water Mill" - Animated Screen Saver by EleFun Multimedia. Don`t you think that the gentle murmur of water and slowly turning wheels of the water-mill help you to relax? Water is flowing slowly, and the wheel of the water-mill is turning. Butterflies are fluttering over the meadow nearby, and there is no reason to be sad. Install Animated Screensaver "Water Mill" on your computer and enjoy the beauty of this calm land. Breathe in fresh ri

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Memory card recovery (Windows & Mac) 2.0: Memory card recovery software allows recovery of lost data from memory card easi
Memory card recovery (Windows & Mac) 2.0

Recover deleted or lost data from memory card with the use of the professional memory card recovery software. It easily and efficiently recovers data which you have been lost from memory card due to any reason by thorough scanning of memory card and device. It can recover data from corrupted, damaged or even formatted memory card. Quite easy to use this software is self explanatory. For more info-

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Fix out of memory line 11 error 2.0: Fix out of memory line 11 error to protect your system.
Fix out of memory line 11 error 2.0

memory line 11 error occurs when the system runs out of memory or when the hard disk space or Ram memory becomes low. This usually occurs when too many programs are running simultaneously in the system. Out of memory line 11 error also occurs when the system driver becomes obsolete, when registry becomes corrupted or when system is infected with the viruses. Corrupted registry is the more often cause of Out of memory line 11 error and other PC error

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Stainless Steel Bottle Water Calculator 1.0: Stainless Steel Bottle Water
Stainless Steel Bottle Water Calculator 1.0

water, right? Environmental Friendly – Since stainless steel bottle waters are reusable, they do not add up to pollution. Did you know that disposable water bottles last seven hundred years? Saves You Hundreds Of Dollars A Year – The usage of stainless steel bottle water containers saves you a lot of money annually. Instead of repeatedly buying bottled water, since you have your own container, you just have to fill in your container with water

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Memory Status ActiveX Control 2.01: Improve system performance by controlling memory usage.
Memory Status ActiveX Control 2.01

Memory Status is an ActiveX Control, lets you know immediately the status of memory on your target pc. You can determine if there is enough memory for your application. You can use this control to free memory no longer used by Windows .You can use this control to display memory status or the percentage of CPU usage to your users. You can use it determine CPU speed or CPU name. You can know a lot information about running windows.

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Water Garden Screen Saver 1.3

Water Garden Screen Saver is a virtual water garden with flowing water, birds, butterflies, and several varieties of Koi. Advanced 3D graphics, true water physics, sound effects, and detailed 3D plants that sway in the wind provide a surprisingly realistic experience. The registered version includes four water gardens, adjustable zoom and camera viewpoints, and the ability to feed the fish. The trial version includes one water garden, a periodic "

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